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Value Protect Product


DCS Agency is very excited to be incorporating a new product called Value Protector, and it offers new vehicle customers a solution to protect the value of their vehicle in the event they incur an accident (Collision or Animal Strike).  Many consumers are unaware of the negative effect an accident can have on the value of their vehicle, even after it has been repaired.   Where GAP offers protection in the event of a total loss; Value Protector provides a benefit when the buyer’s vehicle has suffered a collision/animal strike with more than $500 of damage.  Consumer benefits from Value Protector can be as much as a $5,000 credit towards the purchase of their next vehicle.  Thus, Value Protector allows buyers the opportunity to retain greater equity in their vehicle in the event of an accident.

The program is a dealer promise, however, the program is backed by an A– Excellent AM Best Rated Contractual Liability Policy Insurance Carrier (Censtat Casualty Company).

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