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About Us

About Us

DCS Agency brings you profit producing capabilities that can only be provided by the nation’s most experienced, most innovative, most knowledgeable team of F&I specialists. As an independent agent, we can select the finest providers and programs in the industry to maximize your F&I profitability. DCS Agency has over 25 years of servicing dealers.

We understand there’s more to F&I than just products. That’s why DCS’ training programs and service teams consistently out score every other provider in the business. We’ll integrate ourselves seamlessly with your dealership and your sales and service teams to ensure success at every level.


Protect the Dealer

Providing dealers secure A-rated carriers to protect the dealership’s profitability ensuring for long term success.


Provide Simple Profitable Solutions

DCS does not sell products. We provide profitable solutions and strategies to maximize upfront, F&I and service profits.


Full Disclosure / Compliance

DCS has embraced compliance with proper and full disclosure methods well before it became an industry standard.


Process Driven Profitability

Proper process for execution is always at the forefront of all deliverables of our agency.



We believe that both our clients and independent agencies are our partners.  Transparency, open communication and trust are paramount to being a true partner.  We believe such openness is critical to achieving the best possible outcome and maintaining strong, long-term partnerships.

Tom Kelly

Tom Kelly Agent

I was born in 1954 and raised in Casper, Wyoming. I graduated from East High School in Cheyenne,

Allison Frey

Allison Frey Agent

I graduated from the University of Central Florida in Orlando, and worked in the insurance industry